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The Mobile Veterinary Service/Canine Semen Bank

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Since the initial use of frozen semen in 1969 to produce live puppies, the techniques of freezing canine semen have been improved to a point of practical application.

Mobile Veterinary Service/Canine Semen Bank, offers a permanent, modern veterinary facility in the Southwest. Dedicated to the storage of canine semen through cryopreservation, Mobile Veterinary Service/Canine Semen Bank is fully prepared to handle all facets of semen collection, freezing, storage, and shipping of frozen canine semen.

Mobile Veterinary Service/Canine Semen Bank also offers complete reproductive evaluations of both stud dog and bitch, thus allowing us to maximize their reproductive abilities. Fresh and chilled semen collection and inseminations are also available as well as shipping chilled semen.

Mobile Veterinary Service/Canine Semen Bank can provide boarding for those owners wishing to leave their dogs for repeated semen collections, reproductive work ups, or artificial breeding's.

Airport pick up and delivery of dogs can be arranged for a nominal fee. Mobile Veterinary Service/Canine Semen Bank is 20 minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.


Mobile Veterinary Service/Canine Semen Bank uses the SEMEN PRESERVATION SYSTEM, to produce puppies using only vaginal artificial inseminations. Our system requires no surgical inseminations, no anesthesia, and no stud dog present!

NO, all frozen semen is not the same!
YES, our frozen semen is different!

It is made to produce puppies! That is because our quality standards are the highest in the industry. We don’t compromise, we produce results. Our main objective is to produce puppies from the semen we process, not just process semen to generate storage fees. We want you to be able to rely on your frozen semen to produce puppies! It's our integrity that matters most to us. Freezing semen is not a simple process, but one that requires special equipment and rigid quality control.. The methods we use for freezing and packaging the semen provide higher quality semen post thaw. Our thawed semen is capable of entering the uterus through the cervix, thus vaginal inseminations are all that is required for conception s to occur. Surgical inseminations are only required of inferior semen or inferior frozen semen products. Mobile Veterinary Service/Canine Semen Bank is producing puppies with a conception rate of 90% and an average of 6.75 live puppies per litter!

The ideal time to freeze your dog's semen is when he is in top form and health. Between 2 and 6 years of age is ideal for most dogs.
Many times a stud's value has not yet been determined when he is in his reproductive prime. However, this is when his semen should be collected for freezing. It may be many years before a stud has proven himself, and then he may be older, ill or starting to fail reproductively. Any male, regardless of age, can be evaluated for freezing. Dogs up to 15 years of age could be capable of producing viable sperm cells. Having their semen successfully frozen is possible. However, poor semen parameters may result in only a small number of viable sperm being able to be stored, and repeated collections may be needed to inseminate even one bitch.

It is far better to freeze your dog's semen based on his potential rather than waiting until he has been proven. A normal healthy dog in his prime, depending on the breed, could have 2-10 inseminating doses prepared from one ejaculate. Smaller breeds produce smaller numbers of sperm cells.

A photocopy of their registration papers (A.K.C. or other).
A current negative canine brucellosis test. (Can be done by Mobile Veterinary Service/Canine Semen Bank)
A consent for signed by the owner of the dog allowing collection, examination, freezing, and storage of semen,
Mobile Veterinary Service/Canine Semen Bank will take required photographs of the individual dog.

Preservation of the gene pool by allowing the stud dog to sire puppies when he is no longer able to do so.
The ability to prove a stud dog long before he retires from an active show, or field trial career to stud service.
Increase marketing potential for the stud dog in areas where he will never travel.
Better conception rates mean more puppies.
Less travel for brood bitches.
Positive control of reproductive diseases.
Availability of the stud dog for several breeding's on the same day and in different places.
Ability to evaluate semen quality before insemination.
A.K.C. and Field stud book approved.
Documented conception rate of 90% using frozen semen with vaginal artificial insemination.
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